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young learnerA warm welcome to all our visitors.

This course is an introduction to Computers, Software and Hardware and  is aimed to young learners of ages spanning from 8  to 16 years old.

The course is entirely in English, so it can be also used as a great tool for Thai kids in need to familiarize more with the English Language whether they are already enrolled in International or English Programs in their respective Schools or they are already advanced English speakers and they like to hang out with other English Speaking kids every once in a while and share some knowledge or taking part in some activity as part of a team.

The TK [level 1] Course will last 14 weeks and is tailored and accessible to anyone, no matter what level of IT knowledge or how much of a “geek” the kids can be, we will explain computers, hardware and technologies related to it in plain language, using images, videos and other digital aids, ultimately we will use hardware on site and let the kids see it in action.

Young learners will interact and take part in activities and at the end of the course there will be an assessment that will help the Teacher into understanding how much the learners have apprehended and what can be done to make the course even better, ultimately preparing the kids for the Level 2.

The curriculum for this course has been prepared by Daniele and Tai Pais and it is improved continuously. Please view our profiles by clicking on the respective names.

We hope your kids will soon start enjoying learning with us and we would welcome your feedback for anything that you might consider helpful for the success of this and future courses.

Daniele & Nilubol Pais
Chiang Mai –Thailand